Spb Pocket Pc Tips Tricks 1.5

Spb Pocket Pc Tips Tricks 1.5: More than 200 tips for Pocket PC. Tricks is the most complete collection of more than 200 tips and tricks onusing the Pocket PC, written by 10 professional Pocket PC authors. Sample Tips & Tricks: Find out how to enter text much faster by seting the right options Learn how to store more music on an SD card without quality loss You can watch DVDs on your Pocket PC without expensive converters View all, not just one, of your upcoming appointments on your Today screen Get access to

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Soccer Tricks 1.1.0

Soccer tricks chmod calculator. Find soccer videos of games tricks and lots more. Easily get all you soccer related content here.

add ons, soccer tricks, chmod calculator

dog tricks 1: Dog tricks wallpaper.
dog tricks 1

Dog tricks wallpaper. Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, must not have owned a dog. If dogs are anything, they are extremely intelligent and can learn many new things given the chance to show you. When training your dog, keep in mind that yelling, hitting, cursing or punishment is uncalled for, as dogs will retreat backwards the more they are yelled at.

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Learn Free Magic Trick 1.0

Maybe your passion isn`t to turn your hobby into producing an income, however, regardless of your reasons . . . what you learn in "How to Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit!" will serve you very well. Here`s a bit of what you can look forward to: * Should you buy or make your own props? * Learn handkerchief tricks. * Try your hand at box tricks. * Paper and rope tricks are always well accepted. * How to "set the stage"

magic, illusion, magic tricks

Multiplayer Euchre 1.0.0: Play Euchre with other players or robots
Multiplayer Euchre 1.0.0

Euchre is a four-players game wherein the players of the opposite side are paired to form two partnerships. The goal of the game is to score a total of 10 points or more by collecting the most tricks in each hand of play. Euchre uses a deck of 24 standard playing cards consisting of A, K, Q, J, 10, 9 of each suit. When a suit is named trump, any card of that suit outranks any card of a non-trump suit. The highest ranking card is the Jack of t

ecarte, knock euchre, cart pennsylvania dutch, card games, trump, tricks, euchre, bidding, trick taking

Solo Whist 2.0.6: Solo Whist that old favourite card game, completely updated.
Solo Whist 2.0.6

In this game you play against three computer robots who will do their best to beat you although they do not always succeed. Before the actual Whist type play comes into force you and the three bots must make bids. Depending on the difficulty of making what you bid you are bidding for points or units of money. These points vary from 1 point for a bid of making 5 tricks to 6 units for making all 13 tricks or bidding to make no tricks.

game, bidding, cards, bridge, whist, solo

Freestyle Soccer 1.4.1: Play freestyle soccer with Around the World (ATW) tricks.
Freestyle Soccer 1.4.1

Use the mouse to control the foot to kick the ball and keep it in the air. You can score only when you do Around the World (ATW) tricks. You can score more if you can do ATW tricks consecutively and if you can do double and triple ATW tricks.

palle around the world, palle atw, sports games, soccer games, football, soccer, patw, football games, latw, lemmens atw, around the world, lemmens around the world, freestyle soccer

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